Confidently make the most of opportunities to save tax

Support all year round, not just at tax time

When your taxes are considered all year round, you reap the most benefits.

Whether your tax needs are simple or complex, you can be in control of your tax position, instead of feeling panicked a few weeks before the filing due date.

Maybe you don’t know whether your tax needs are simple or complex! You just know it’s stressful and you’re unsure whether you’re paying too much or too little.

A plan to keep your hard earned money

You work hard and deserve to be paying the right amount of tax – no more, no less.

We don’t want you to miss out on opportunities to get tax back.

We get to know you well enough to keep you on track with your financial responsibilities and highlight all the areas where you could be making savings.


Kevin’s approach to business improvements and “going paperless” translates into more than just talking points. His vision and execution saved my firm lots of time and money.

~ Dan B.

Know where to start

There are three goals for your partnership with Black Sheep:

You understand your tax responsibilities and you’re paying what you owe.
You’re aware of opportunities to get tax back, and you’re saving money wherever possible.
You feel comfortable talking to us about any aspect of your business and life.

How we help you get there

First, you fill out the questionnaire.

We’ll book a call or Zoom meeting so you can tell us where you’re at with your tax needs.
You’ll send us your data so we can make an accurate assessment and proposal.

Next, you’ll accept your proposal.

We’ll connect you with our customer portal.
You’ll meet the rest of the team.

Then, we schedule tax check-in calls.

You may have 1, you may have 4.
We can also schedule strategy calls to walk you through anything from tax implications of real estate transactions to how your entity choice will effect your taxes.
If needed, we’ll refer you a refer you to a bookkeeper, so we can calculate your taxes with accurate accounting data.

Then, we estimate your taxes and help you make sure you’re getting the maximum refund and avoiding fees by keeping up with you every single month, all year round.

If you’re ready to be a
part of the family

Not ready yet?