There was so much useful information I learned at Deeper Weekend 2017 that I couldn’t capture everything I wanted to write in a single blog post. Thus, here is part 2 of my review:

In addition to the main conference presenters (Jason Blumer and Jeff Phillips), there were also a number of event sponsors who gave phenomenal presentations, including The Profitable Firm, Canopy, Fathom, ADP, Intuit,, Karbon, Avalara, and Fundbox. I have to say that I learned a ton by listening to the vendors give their presentations and networking with them.

Below are four more key takeaways from Deeper Weekend 2017, one of which features The Profitable Firm, a digital marketing agency that focuses on accounting firms.

1). “It takes 24 months of consistent content marketing to see results” – Jill Zozula, Client Manager, The Profitable Firm

I admit that I am a complete newbie when it comes to marketing. I only had a single course in college, and in my years at the Big Four, I was never taught much about the subject.

I stumbled across The Profitable Firm somewhere on social media about four months ago. The big shocker for me was that they gave away free, valuable content to non-clients. I learned so much by reading their articles and blog posts that I decided to sign up for a 12 week intensive crash course on content marketing.

I’m now about halfway through the course, and I have learned even more valuable information on topics like niche, branding, events, how to build a great website, and so much more!

Before working with The Profitable Firm, I had no clue how to market to quality prospects. I’ve since realized that content marketing (inbound marketing using social media and email) is becoming the standard for all marketing.

It can take up to 24 months to see results because you are introducing yourself to all sorts of people you don’t know on social media and are building trust with them.

I love what Karen Reyburn, the Executive Director of The Profitable Firm said in one of the sessions. It was something along the lines of “when you go to a bar and go up to a random stranger, do you ask them to marry you? No, if there is mutual interest, you start going on dates, and then build trust and a strong relationship over time.”

It’s the same with content marketing.

2). “Most people don’t want new information, they want validating information” – James Clear, Author, Entrepreneur, and Photographer

This quote relates to Jason’s talk on Shoshin, a Zen Buddhist concept which means “beginner’s mind.” Jason asked us to approach the topics covered in all presentations as if we were true beginners and to have an attitude of openness to what was being discussed.

I definitely think this concept helped me change my perspective in order to absorb and understand much more of the material being presented.

3). “Build the firm you want to work for” – Jeff Phillips, CEO of Accountingfly and Publisher of Going Concern

This quote really inspired me. I thought about what I liked and didn’t like about all of the prior firms I’ve worked for, and then I thought about what I wanted my company to look like.

When you first start a company, you tend to take knowledge and implement processes which were used at your previous companies. Even I did this when I started my own company to some extent.

Now I am in the process of coming up with my own ideas and the way I want things to be done. What would my ideal firm look like? I can easily give you some ideas:

  • No timesheets
  • No hourly billing
  • The ability to work from the beach
  • A very casual dress code
  • True flexibility to take breaks / time off when needed
  • Setting reasonable boundaries with client/staff so I’m not on call 24/7
  • Can have dinner with my family every night
  • Building a team where collaboration and innovation is the only way to function

4). Accountants are NOT boring

If you think getting together with a bunch of innovative accountants is boring, think again! Thriveal invited Greg Kyte, who runs a company called Comedy CPE (and co-hosts a monthly Podcast with Jason Blumer called the ThriveCast) to emcee Deeper Weekend 2017.

Greg is a CPA and stand-up comedian that has been included in Accounting Today’s list of the Top 100 Most Influential People in the Accounting Profession.

Greg not only did a great job keeping things organized, but he had us laughing our asses off throughout the whole event. I was laughing so hard I was in tears through some of his discussions and sponsor advertisements.

His role in the event was a great reminder to have fun and not always take things so seriously!

If you got a lot out of this review, then you should consider coming to Deeper Weekend 2018. If you didn’t, then you probably shouldn’t come. Thanks for reading!

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